Cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen

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Cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen

They are usually called cinquefoils in English. Potentilla are only found throughout the northern continents of the world holarcticthough some may even be found in montane biomes of the New Guinea Highlands.

Several other "cinquefoils" formerly included here are cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen separated in distinct genera. Some species are called tormentilsthough this is often used specifically for common tormentil P. Others are referred to as "barren strawberries"which may also refer to P. Typical cinquefoils cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen most similar to strawberriesbut differ in usually having dry, inedible fruit hence the name "barren strawberry" for some species.

Many cinquefoil species have palmate leaves. Some species have just three leaflets, while others have 15 or more leaflets arranged pinnately. The flowers are usually yellow, but may be white, pinkish or red. Among the Rosaceaecinquefoils are close relatives of avens genus Geum and roses Rosaand even closer relatives of agrimonies Agrimonia. Dryas is not as closely related as long believed. Analysis of internal transcribed spacer DNA sequence data has yielded valuable information on cinquefoil relationships, supporting previous hypotheses about their relationships, but also resulting in a number of changes to the circumscription of Potentilla.

The mock-strawberries of Duchesnea have been included. Conversely, the innovative Methoden der Behandlung von Krampfadern plants previously included cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen this genus are now separated in the genus Dasiphorawhile some distinctive and apparently protocarnivorous [4] herbaceous cinquefoils are placed in Drymocallis.

The marsh cinquefoil is now in the genus Comarumand the three-toothed cinquefoil makes up the monotypic genus Sibbaldiopsis. As already proposed by John Hill in the 18th century, the silverweeds of genus Argentina may be distinct, but as the immediate sister genus of Potentillaits boundary is still unclear.

Estimates of the number of valid species in this large genus depend on the circumscription used, and they recently vary from "over " [2] to [5] to [6] [7] [8] to "several hundred". The European cinquefoil Potentilla reptansoften used medicinally. Formerly this term referred to five-leaved plants in general. In medieval times, the word "cinquefoil" was used cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen exclusively in England. In France, the genus was called quintefeuillefirst attested in Normandy and Brittany in the 11th century.

The scientific name seems to have been influenced by a fusion of ancient names for these plants. Its origin is the French potence "strong", "powerful", "mighty", or "potent".

The cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen of these words is the Latin potenswith the same meaning. Cinquefoils grow untere Gliedmaßen Krampfadern Medikations in most cool and cold regions of the world. Most species are herbaceous perennials but a few are erect or creeping shrubs. Some are troublesome weeds.

Other types are grown in gardens. Cinquefoils are a prominent part of many ecosystems. In the United Kingdom alone, common tormentil P. It is most commonly seen in regions dominated by common heather Calluna vulgarisBehandlung von Krampfadern beste Volksmedizin common lowland heaths with bell heather Erica cinereamaritime heaths with spring squill Scilla vernasubmontane heaths dominated by red peat moss Sphagnum capillifolium and common bilberry Vaccinium myrtillusand the mountain cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen of Scotland with alpine juniper Juniperus communis ssp.

The leaves of cinquefoils are eaten by the caterpillars of many Lepidopteranotably cinquefoil von Krampf Beinen grizzled skippers genus Pyrgusbutterflies of the skipper family. Adult butterflies and moths visit cinquefoil flowers; for example, the endangered Karner blue butterfly Lycaeides melissa samuelis takes nectar from common cinquefoil P.

The Polish cochineal Porphyrophora polonica, a scale insect once used to produce red dyelives on cinquefoils and other plants in Eurasia. Some, but not all, cinquefoils are insect-pollinatedproducing nectar that lures beeshoverfliesmuscid fliesbutterflies, true bugsand ants.

These are generally high species with bright, showy flowers, such as ruby cinquefoil P. Other taxa and varieties are useful for more specialized gardening purposes, such as rock gardens or swamps. Among the former is Tees aus Krampfadern hardy spring cinquefoil P. Some species are used in herbalism. In cinquefoil von Krampf Beinenthe cinquefoil emblem or potentilla signified strength, power, honor, and loyalty.

Depiction of the five- petalled flower appears as early asin the architecture of the church built in the village of Reulle-Vergy in Burgundy, Francetwo years before the reign of William the Conqueror. The cinquefoil emblem was used generously in the architecture of numerous churches built in Normandy and Brittany through the 15th century.

From the 11th to 14th century, the word potencerelated to potentillawas used mainly in a military context and to describe the condition of the soul. For other uses, see Cinquefoil disambiguation. Reproductive biology of the Iberian species of Potentilla L.

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