Varizen knot

Varizen knot

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These companies are effectively telling employees in domestic partnerships: Get married or lose your benefits. The development is taking shape at companies such as Verizon and Delta, which have told employees in the 37 states that have legalized same-sex unions that benefits for same-sex Varizen knot partners will no longer be available unless they marry.

Verizon announced the policy change last July and is giving Varizen knot six months to marry or lose their domestic partner benefits. Verizon and Delta currently offer domestic partner benefits only to same-sex couples.

But many companies have broadened these policies to include opposite-sex couples too. There is no formal data on how many opposite-sex couples use these benefits.

Bob Witeck is a Washington communications strategist who was a pioneer in pushing companies to adopt policies that support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. He expects Varizen knot shift in benefits policies may negatively impact opposite-sex unmarried couples.

One reason: The cost of benefits is constantly rising, so eliminating benefits for employees in unmarried partnerships is a natural consideration for companies that want to cut costs. But eliminating such benefits is potentially tricky. When Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage please click for sourceadvocacy groups published a statement anticipating that companies would begin eliminating domestic partner benefits.

Navigating the tricky balance of managing benefits is nothing new Varizen knot many unmarried same-sex couples. Dana Rudolph, publisher of the LGBTQ parenting Mombianfaced a tough Varizen knot in when she and her partner of 13 years prepared to move from Varizen knot York to Massachusetts.

Rudolph was planning to stay in New York to Varizen knot their house for several months before joining her partner.

Ultimately, the couple convinced a town clerk in Massachusetts that they intended to live in the state. The Unromantic Reason Varizen knot May Soon Be Tying the Knot. She is based in New York.

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